Referral Rewards System

  • Would you like to refer someone to us?
  • Do you know someone who would benefit from attending our clinic?
  • Have you enjoyed your experience here and would like to share this with a friend or family member?

Well you can!

And we will reward you for doing so!

For each person whom you refer to us by raving about our services, and who books an appointment and attends, you will receive:

  • $20 off your next physiotherapy visit.
  • Or $ 20 towards the purchase of any of our products, whether they are on sale or not. (Check our website for our monthly product specials.)
  • Or $20 towards the use of the Pilates reformer or Whole Body Vibration machine.
  • Or $20 towards a Preventative Health check
  • Or you may use your $20 as part of a gift voucher for someone.

Why do we Offer this?

  1. We would love for you to spread the message to significant others.
  2. We want to empower people like you to optimum health and happiness.
  3. Your family, friends and colleagues will thank you for referring them.
  4. We want to contribute in bigger ways to the community and the best way of doing so is by word-of-mouth.

 Integrity issues

  • How do you claim your reward?  The person you are referring to us must be informed by you that you are being rewarded for doing so. It protects our prospective new clients from feeling misled or manipulated.  We would like them to see our practice as generous and innovative and also see it as a way for you to experience some “special recognition” for caring enough to spread the word.
  • Obviously only refer if you are delighted with our treatments and service.  We only want people referring because they are passionate about what we are doingYou must really believe that your network of contacts will benefit from your recommendation.
  • Your friend is new to the clinic, and has never attended previously for treatment.
  • Remember to tell your friend to mention your name when they book.

 Thank you for becoming walking advertisements for us!