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March 29, 2017
2018 Special Preseason Offer only for Kardy Kats

2018 Special Preseason Offer only for Kardy Kats

We’re super excited to be on board as club sponsors for the 2018 season and are looking forward to coming down to the club to meet everyone over the next few weeks.  Similar to previous years all Kardy Kats players as well as family members get a 20% discount on all physiotherapy appointments and Pilates sessions.  Until the end of April we hope everyone will cash in on our 50% discount on initial consults and pre-season screening.

With round 1 just around the corner, now is the time to come down  to get any niggles or problems sorted before games get underway.  Managing injuries once the season starts has a lot more challenges  and recovery times can take longer.

Any players currently nursing injuries, body aches or discomfort are encouraged to book in for an Initial Consult.

The benefits of our Pre-Season Player Screen are invaluable for every junior player, especially those aged 9 to 17 years.  It is highly recommended for anyone who has struggled with injuries or discomfort in the past and those playing more than one sport or for more than one footy team (eg school and club). Every test and measurement we look at during the assessment has been shown by research to be reliable and strong predictors of athletic performance and increased risk of non-traumatic injury.

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Junior Football Player Screen

Junior Football Player Screen

The sudden burst of football training during March and April traditionally brings with it many injuries. By its very nature, football training will quickly accentuate any physiological weaknesses and errors in technique. As the season progresses, managing injuries becomes increasingly difficult, and the priority should be on preventing injury as early as possible. Prevention relies on knowing which players are most at risk for injury. It is therefore vitally important that players and their parents are aware of these issues so that corrective action is taken before an injury occurs. The information therein will enable the player, parents and coach to plan their sessions and adjust an activity for an athlete with a specific issue. .
Physical screening involves a series of simple, non-strenuous tests of flexibility, muscle strength, posture, balance, co-ordination and joint functions. It has been designed specifically for the physical demands Aussie Rules Football places on adolescent bodies.  Our screening protocol has been developed based on research published on adolescent sporting injuries in a way that is relevant to Australian Rules Football and easy to perform.
Following the screening you will receive a written report with the result of each test. It will identify strengths, faults and weaknesses in the physiology needed for football. The report will also provide you with a series of exercises that need to be undertaken to correct any faults and strengthen any weaknesses.
All age groups are strongly encouraged to undertake the screening especially if you are 9 years old and above. The short and long term benefits are immeasurable, not just in sport but also general well-being.
At Activate Physiotherapy Kardinya, Suite 8, 17-23 South Street, Kardinya. In the arcade next to Aldi.
The whole process takes 40 minutes and costs $50, much of which is refunded by your health insurance provider.  Bring your health fund card for on-the-spot claiming.
Please call Activate on 9337 8530 and organise your Junior Football Player Screen sooner rather than later so that results can be analysed and reports returned so that any problems can be addressed before it gets too far in to the season.

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Overuse Injuries in Junior Football Players

Overuse Injuries in Junior Football Players

Participation by children and teenagers in Australian Rules Football is increasing. Not only are there more kids participating, but we are also seeing many individuals playing a number of different sports at the same time and having multiple training sessions per day, often back-to-back.  Add to this the fact that, even at junior level, sport seems a lot more serious with training sessions becoming more frequent and intense. The result of all this is that injuries in children are on the rise.  This is especially common between February and April when many players are coming off a prolonged reduction in training load over the holiday break.
The growing bones of children and adolescents have a number of differences to the fully developed mature bone structure of adult making them even more susceptible to overuse type injuries.
  •  In children, the tendons attach to bones via a section of cartilage called the apophysis. This is softer than the calcified attachment of adult tendons and is a point of weakness, vulnerable to repetitive stress related injuries. Irritation and inflammation at this point is referred to as apophysitis.  The most common sites are at the heel (Sever’s Disease), the tibial tuberosity at the front of the knee (Osgood Schlatters Disease), and at the groin (Osteitis Pubis).
  • Children tend to grow in “spurts”, and during rapid growth periods, bone lengthens or grows quicker than the muscles and tendons that are attached to it. This results in the muscles and tendons being permanently on stretch, placing greater tension on these tissues, joints and the bone, and resulting in less strength and co-ordination to control the bone.
Biomechanical factors both local or remote to the area can also be responsible for exacerbating forces through joints, bones, and where tendons attach to bones . This ranges from flat feet or lack of control at the hip to incorrect technique or running mechanics.
These conditions can be quite limiting, however with the help of Physiotherapy treatment that includes soft tissue release, strengthening programs, biomechanical & training-load advice, many young athletes will be able to continue to pursue their sporting passion.

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